Keving Delgado (Louise Abuel) is finally checked out of the hospital because his condition is now okay. Bruce (Smokey Manaloto) then told Kevin that he can now play again with them and be finally back home. Kevin then thanked Bruce and specially Bart Ramirez (Rafael Rossel) who is still there with him at the hospital. Bart then asked Kevin why he is saying thank you in which Bart thought Kevin is like saying good bye to him. Bart then asked Sophia Delgado/Mendoza (Jodi Sta. Maria) and little Anna Manalastas (Xyriel Manabat) if he can still see and play with Kevin. Sophia and little Anna just nodded and Kevin is very happy telling Bart that he can still see and play with Bart. Later on, Kevin and Sophia got a chance talking to each other alone wherein Kevin asked Sophia if she loves Bart. Kevin then told Sophia that little Anna told him about Bart who has a girlfriend already. Sophia told Kevin to believe what little Anna told him since she and Bart have no chance to be together anymore. Sophia together with Kevin and little Anna then went back home very happy with each other. The day after and during breakfast, Sophia told little Anna to prepare herself because they are going to continue solving her mission. Little Anna then asked Kevin to pinch her because she can't believe Sophia is actually worried about her mission. Kevin then asked both Sophia and little Anna if he can go with them in solving little Anna's mission. Sophia agreed to what Kevin requested and they tickled little Anna making her laugh a lot. They then went to the park and waited for Bruce there where suddenly a little boy - Tikoy (Bugoy) took Kevin's snack. Kevin ran after Tikoy because he also wants to give Tikoy the water he is having.Tikoy then introduced himself to them and told them he has a grandmother - Lola Pilar (Gloria Romero).
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