Kevin (Louise Abuel) is very happy that they are now living in a new house given by his best friend - little Anna Manalastas (Xyriel Manabat). Kevin told his sister - Sophia Mendoza (Jodi. Sta. Maria) about how happy he is now that they are living in a new house. Later on, Sophia told little Anna that it is now time for them to start searching for Digna (Pokwang). Reminiscing that Digna is Madam Anna Manalastas' (Conney Reyes) "yaya" (nanny) and Madam Anna left her daughter to Digna. To finally know where to find Madam Anna's daughter, they must first find out for Digna. One day, little Anna met a magician - Pido (Vhong Navarro) and she thought that maybe Pido is one of little Anna's mission. When little Anna and Sophia already went back home, she told Sophia that she must help Pido out because he is one of little Anna's mission. Sophia then told little Anna that it is not time for them to help Pido because they are on theri mission to find little Anna's daughter. Little Anna told Sophia that she must help whoever she thought is one of her mission because she doesn't want to waste a day not solving her mission. With what little Anna said, Sophia asked little Anna how she can find where Pido is living. Little Anna then told Sophia that she knew someone who knows to where Pido lives and that would be Kevin. Little Anna together with Sophia and Kevin then went to Kevin's new friend - Onin who is the little brother of Pido. When they already went to where Onin lives, Kevin called his name and introduced him to both little Anna and Sophia. Onin is very happy seeing little Anna and Sophia teased her around. Little Anna then asked Onin where they can find his brother - Pido and Onin told them why they are looking for his brother. With this, will little Anna and Sophia get to meet Pido and how will they help him?
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