Little Anna Manalastas' (Xyriel Manabat) mission is with the electrician - Ronaldo Quinto (Christopher De Leon). Little Anna knew that Ronaldo is one of her mission since she is the reason why Ronaldo didn't became what he dreamed to be. Little Anna together with Sophia Delgado/Mendoza (Jodi Sta. Maria) then went to see Ronaldo at the office where he is working to offer him their help. Little Anna and Sophia wants to help Ronaldo in making his life better. Little Anna and Sophia then asked Ronaldo what are the things that happened to his life why he became an electrician instead of having a business of his own. Reminiscing that Ronaldo was arrested because of the smuggled toys he had, his wife died while he was in prison. With this incident, Ronaldo's son - Reggie (Albie Casino) got so mad at Ronaldo. Reggie is blaming Ronaldo as the reason why his mother died and he can't forgive Ronaldo when he got arrested because of smuggling. Later on, Ronaldo went to see his son - Reggie who is playing basketball with his friends. Ronaldo wants to talk to Reggie about their relationship as a father and son but Reggie is ashamed of his father's presence. Ronaldo cheered on Reggie being so good in playing basketball but Reggie told Ronaldo to stop and just go out. When Ronaldo left Reggie, little Anna and Sophia got their chance talking to Reggie since they knew where Ronaldo went. Sophia then introduced herself to Reggie letting him know that they are Ronaldo's friend at work. Reggie then told both Sophia and little Anna not to bother him because he is not interested when the topic is about his father. So now that little Anna and Sophia knows what are Ronaldo's problems, how will they help Ronaldo in reconciling with his son - Reggie? Who can help both little Anna and Sophia in doing their plan helping Ronaldo?
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