Kevin Delgado (Louise Abuel) and his father - Mang Andres Delgado (Joel Torre) are talking about who Kevin met at the park. Later on, Sophia Delgado/Mendoza (Jodi Sta. Maria) and little Anna Manalastas (Xyriel Manabat) arrived wondering what Kevin and Mang Andres are talking about. Kevin then told his sister - Sophia that he met a man at the park wherein Kevin thought he can be Sophia's boyfriend. Sophia then told Kevin that she doesn't want to have a boyfriend yet because she wants to focus on things important. On the other hand, Ronaldo Quino (Christopher De Leon) is having a bonding moment with his son - Reggie Quino (Albie Casino). Ronaldo is trying to fix Reggie's car but then he failed to fix it and Reggie got mad at him. Later that night, Ronaldo is reconciling with his son - Reggie and apologized for all the things he did wrong to him. Reggie doesn't want to forgive his father - Ronaldo believing that he is the reason why his mother died. Meanwhile, Bobby Ramirez (Dominic Ochoa) is having another great plan for him to make Sophia be fired at the Toy Company. Bobby told his girlfriend/wife - Miranda Ramirez (Valerie Concepcion) that his plan is going to ruin Sophia's life and he will be fired from the Toy Company soon enough. As for Bart Ramirez (Rafael Rossel), he told his sister - Yannie Ramirez (Emannuelle Vera) that he met a kid - Kevin at the park and he is very happy to meet him. Yannie then told Bart that it is her first time seeing him who is very happy meeting a kid at the park. Going back with Sophia and little Anna, they are still making sure that they can help both Ronaldo and Reggie to reconcile. Little Anna then called Bruce (Smokey Manaloto) and ask what does he know about Reggie. Bruce then told little Anna that Reggie has a girlfriend and they have a plan to help Ronaldo already.
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