Little Anna Manalastas (Xyriel Manabat) failed to convince Claire to go back living with her mother - Myrna (Cherry Pie Picache). Sophia Mendoza (Jodi Sta. Maria) then told Myrna that maybe Claire was so hurt that she can not forgive what Myrna did to her as her own mother. Later that night, Myrna is trying to talk to Claire telling her that she is not going to force her to come living with her anymore. Myrna also told Claire that even though she doesn't want to com living with her anymore, Myrna is not going to stop asking for Claire's forgiveness. On the other hand, little Anna and Sophia are waiting for Myrna outside the house where Claire lives. Little Anna asked Sophia why Myrna is not yet outside for them to finally go because it is almost raining. Sophia then told little Anna that Myrna is saying her goodbye personally to her daughter - Claire. Sophia then asked little Anna that if she will be given a chance to see and meet her daughter again, what will she do during that time? Little Anna then told Sophia to stop talking about her daughter - Rachel since she doesn't want to talk about Rachel anymore. Minutes passed, Claire did not go out of her room and so Myrna then went outside for her together with little Anna and Sophia to finally go back home. When they are ready to ride the tricycle, Claire ran towards them and calls Myrna - "Nanay" (Mother). Myrna and Claire then hugged each other and Claire told her mother - Myrna that she will be going with her. Myrna is very happy that finally her daughter - Claire agreed to go back living with her as one family. Riding the bus, Sophia and little Anna noticed how Myrna loves her daughter - Claire so much. Myrna hugged Claire while she fell asleep and when Sophia was also asleep,Madam Anna (Conney Reyes) puts Sophia's head in her shoulders and hugged her.
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