Little Anna Manalastas (Xyriel Manabat) together with Sophia Mendoza (Jodi Sta. Maria) are now on their move to help Myrna (Cherry Pie Picache). To start their mission in helping Myrna, they went to Myrna's sister in law where her son - Bryan is living with her. Myrna's sister in law is not going to give Bryan to Myrna unless she is going to pay one hundred thousand pesos to her. One hundred thousand pesos as a payment for all the things she gave to Myrna's son - Bryan. Little Anna and Sophia agreed to what Myrna's sister in law said and hurriedly called Bruce (Smokey Manaloto) and Jopet (Neil Colera) to help them withdraw some money. While they are on their way to go back to Myrna's sister in law's house, they noticed that a strange man is spying on them. Nobody is brave enough to face that stange man and so little Anna went near him and ask who he is. The strange man did not tell little Anna who he really is and little Anna told him that she is going to pay as much as the person who asked him to spy on them paid him. The stranger then agreed to little Anna's offer and accepted the big amount of money just to stop spying on both little Anna and Sophia. Later on, the stranger went to see Miranda (Valerie Concepcion) in the Toy Company building and told her about Sophia and little Anna. The stranger then told Miranda that he got nothing against Sophia and little Anna because she found out that there is nothing that Sophia is hiding. Miranda can not believe that Sophia is not hiding something because all she wants is to ruin Sophia's life for her not to be in the Toy Company anymore. Going back with little Anna and Sophia who is helping Myrna to get her son - Bryan, Myrna's sister in law changed her mind and asked for an additional one thousand pesos for Myrna to have Bryan finally back living with Myrna.Litte Anna and Sophia did not agree to what Myrna's sister in law asked where little Anna thought that it is already a scam. Sophia did not want to give another amount to Myrna's sister in law and so she asked the one hundred thousand back and told his two cousins that they are going to do something. Sophia planned to get Bryan back without giving any amount of money to Myrna's sister in law. With this, will Sophia together with Bruce and Jopet finally get Bryan back without paying any amount of money to Myrna's sister in law? And with Miranda who failed to know what is the truth behind Sophia's true identity, what will she do to get an information about Sophia again?
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