Myrna (Cherry Pie Picache) finally returned Margaret to the Roxas' house after she took her from them. When the Roxas couple together with Sophia Mendoza (Jodi Sta. Maria), little Anna Manalastas (Xyriel Manabat) and Sophia's cousins, they hurriedly went to the Roxas' house. By the time they all arrived at the Roxas' house, the Roxas couple then hugged Margaret. Later on, they all sat down and talk about what happened. Myrna then told the Roxas couple why she took Margaret and brought her somewhere they didn't know. Myrna was afraid that the Roxas couple will finally bring Margaret with them in the US and adopt her legally. The Roxas couple understood Myrna very well because Myrna is a parent too. Myrna then finally decided to let the Roxas family continue adopting Margaret and soon if they will all be ready, she is going to get back Margaret from them. Since they were all tired, Bruce (Smokey Manaloto) and Jopet (Neil Coleta) told Sophia if they can stay for one night so that they can rest after a tired long day. Inside the room they rented, Sophia told little Anna if they can talk to Myrna about what just happened to her because Sophia knows that Myrna needs someone to talk to. Little Anna disagreed because she is so tired and she knew that Myrna will be okay. Later that night, Jessica Cruz called Sophia telling her to come to the Toy Company immediately because she is needed for a very big deal. Sophia then told Jessica that she is out of town and she can not be on time for the deal. Jessica then told Sophia that she can move the deal in the morning and asked Sophia if she can prepare a presentation for them to get the account. Sophia told Jessica that she will be ready for the big deal and told her not to worry. How will Sophia be on time for the big deal since she and little Anna are out of town?
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