To get some more information towards August the beautician (Vice Ganda), Bruce (Smokey Manaloto) and Jopet (Smokey Manaloto) are working at his parlor. After Bruce and Jopet's shift, they asked some of the beautician's that worked there what are their comments towards August. The beauticians told Bruce and Jopet that August was so kind in the past and suddenly he changed being so strict and harsh to everybody. While they are still talking, one of the beautician ran towards them and informed them that it is friday and their boss - August will be having a program. The parlor was turned into a comedy bar where August is the comedian for that night. August as a comedian cracked jokes that are not funny to the beauticians working for him but they all pretended to laugh. The day after that, little Anna Manalastas (Xyriel Manabat) and Sophia Mendoza (Jodi Sta. Maria) went to the parlor so that they can talk to August. For them to have a chance in talking to August, little Anna must let August to cut her hair. Sophia then asked August to cut little Anna's hair but August neglected since he is not the hair stylist rather he is the owner of the parlor. Sophia tried to get August's yes by appreciating all his achievements and finally August said yes to do little Anna's hair. When August tried to fix little Anna's hair already, Sophia asked August how is he related to Madam Anna Manalastas (Conney Reyes). August then shared to Sophia and little Anna how he idolized Madam Anna in the past. August even worked in the parlor where Madam Anna is always going just to see his idol. When August got a chance to fix Madam Anna's hair, he grabbed this chance to let Madam Anna know how good he is as a hair stylist. August fixed Madam Anna's hair but she didn't like it. How will little Anna and Sophia try to help August now?
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