Little Anna Manalastas (Xyriel Manabat) is forced to tell Rachelle Bustamante (Rica Peralejo) that she is her real mother. Little Anna didn't know what to say to Rachelle and so she went back outside but Sophia Mendoza (Jodi Sta. Maria) grabs her hand and pulled her to get inside the Bustamante's house. When they are already inside the Bustamante's house, Rachelle and Justice Dolores Bustamante thanked both Anna and Sophia. Rachelle then told Anna that her foster mother - Dolores agreed to go with her in America. Sophia then told Rachelle that little Anna has something to say to her but Rachelle told them if itl ill be okay to tell her while they are on their way to the orphanage. Sophia and little Anna then knew that Rachelle is not the real daughter of Madam Anna Manalastas (Conney Reyes). With this information, little Anna got so mad at Sophia because they have wasted one day helping the Bustamante family. Back at home, Mang Andres (Joel Torre) asked how little Anna and Sophia's mission went. Little Anna then told Mang Andres that Rachelle is not her real daughter and she hurriedly went outside to calm herself. Sophia followed little Anna and asked sorry for what happened since they have wasted another day helping the people who is not really little Anna's mission. Sophia is also trying to convince little Anna that they are going to look for her real daughter soon because Sophia wants little Anna to finally fix her problem towards her daughter. The day after that, Sophia is surprised to see little Anna who is waiting for her to wake up. Little Anna then gave Sophia an account book to let her see that she deposited twenty million pesos in Sophia's account already.This money is little Anna's payment to Sophia and she has another surprise to her and her family.What is the other surprise of Anna to Sophia?
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