Finally, Madam Anna Manalastas (Conney Reyes) and her ex - boyfriend - Rene Mosqueda (Tirso Cruz III) talked. Rene asks forgiveness to Anna after he had turn his back from his responsibilities towards her. Anna forgave Rene not because he deserved it but because she needs to move on from the past for her to have a peace of mind. Anna told Rene how lucky he is having the best wife in the world who is Carmen where she did not gave up on him. After their heart warming conversation, Anna went out of the room crying a lot because she can not believe that finally she have forgiven Rene. Sophia Mendoza (Jodi Sta. Maria) saw Anna who cried a lot and so she stood up and hugged Anna so tight. Sophia together with little Anna (Xyriel Manabat) then went to see Carmen telling her that her husband - Rene wants to see and talk to her. Carmen hurriedly went to Rene's room and Rene is also asking forgiveness to Carmen because he believed that Carmen deserved more love than he ever gave. Carmen told Rene that she have loved him very much and even until now she is still loving him. Carmen and Rene hugged each other then suddenly Rene's heart stopped beating. The medical representatives hurriedly went o Rene's room to retrieve his heart beat but they failed and Rene is already dead.  Back at home, Andres (Joel Torre) asked little Anna if she have plans to find her daughter Trisha who is now known to be Rachel. Little Anna told Andres that she isn't going to bother Rachel anymore knowing that she is living a good life. The day after, Andres went to the cemetery to visit his wife - Teresita and thought on what to do about Sophia who don't know about her real identity. When Andres is on his way home, he met an old woman who is on her way to the cemetery also. The woman went to Teresita's grave and talked about Anna's daughter.
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