Little Anna Manalastas (Xyriel Manabat) wants to know what are the plans of Sophia Mendoza (Jodi Sta. Maria). Reminiscing that Sophia told little Anna that she had a great plan to finally get Myrna's (Cherry Pie Picache) son - Bryan. To help Sophia with her plan, she asked her two cousins - Bruce (Smokey Manaloto) and Jopet (Neil Coleta) so that they can get Bryan from Myrna's sister in law. Little Anna thought that maybe Sophia together with Bruce and Jopet will not be successful with their plan and so she told Sophia to do their best. While they are having a conversation, Sophia received a call from her cousin - Bruce telling her that they are now ready for their act to get Bryan. Little Anna and Sophia then hurriedly went to see Bruce, Myrna and Jopet where Jopet and Bruce are wearing a police uniform. Myrna together with little Anna and Sophia then went to see Myrna's sister in law where Myrna's son - Bryan is also there with her. Sophia then tried to give the envelope that is containing the amount of money they are dealing and suddenly the fake police officers - Bruce and Jopet arrived with their fake guns. Myrna's sister in law and her boyfriend were terrified by the fake police officers and so they then give Bryan to them. Myrna's sister in law and her boyfriend noticed that the guns are fake and that these are only lighters. With this, Bruce and Jopet together with Myrna, little Anna, Sophia and Bryan hurriedly ran away from them but failed to escape from them. Myrna and the others fought back with them and so they finally escaped from them and hurriedly went home. Sophia's father - Mang Andres (Joelt Torre) and Kevin (Louise Abuel) are very happy seeing Myrna who finally had her son - Bryan. So now that Myrna has her son - Bryan already, will little Anna and Sophia continue helping Myrna?
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