Little Anna Manalastas (Xyriel Manabat) together with Sophia Mendoza (Jodi Sta. Maria) have already found the rose vendor - Myrna (Cherry Pie Picache). Sophia then asked Myrna why her business - the three angels flower shop went down. Myrna then told the story about how she worked very hard to have her own business. After Myrna's husband died, she used her husband's pension, loan to some banks and borrowed money to some of her relatives for the capital of her flower shop. The three angels flower shop grew when a writer wrote something about Myrna's flower shop and put it in a magazine. Then came the day that Myrna noticed that her regular customers are not ordering some flowers at her flower shop anymore. Myrna did not know why her regular customers were gone all of a sudden and so the three angels got bankrupt. Since Myrna told little Anna and Sophia that she had three kids, Sophia wondered to where her kids are. Myrna then told Sophia that she gave her kids to some people she knows because of poverty. Even though it is hard for Myrna to give away her kids, she must accept the fact that she can not give good fortune for her kids anymore. As a promise to her kids, Myrna told her three kids that one day she is going to get them back and they are going to be as one family again. Myrna failed to fulfill her promise to her kids because until now she has nothing and she can not give what her kids want for them to live as one family. Little Anna was so disappointed by herself because she ruined a family's life and Myrna don't have any clue. After their conversation, Sophia then asked little Anna on what will be their move to help out Myrna after little Anna ruined her life back then. Little Anna then told Sophia that Myrna only needs money for her to build the flower shop business again. To help out Myrna, they must ask her first if she is ready to build a new flower shop again but Myrna is now afraid to do that. Madam Anna (Conney Reyes) then told Myrna that they are going to give her a big amount of money for her to start a new business and Myrna is asking Madam Anna why they are eager to help her out. With this, will Myrna finally accept Madam Anna and Sophia's offer to help her build and start a new business?
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