Kevin (Louise Abuel) who is still admitted in the hospital asked his father - Mang Andres (Joel Torre) to where her sister is. Kevin is wondering where her sister - Sophia Mendoza (Jodi Sta. Maria) and his bestfriend - little Anna Manalastas (Xyriel Manabat) is. Mang Andres then told Kevin that Sophia and little Anna went with Carmen and Rene Mosqueda (Tirso Cruz III) to find Rene's daughter Trisha who is now known as Rachel. With Rene and Carmen together with Sophia and little Anna went to where Rachel used to live and just saw some baby pictures of Rachel. Rene is very happy seeing the pictures of his daughter - Rachel in which she is so happy in those pictures. To help out Rene, Sophia told him to tell Rachel all what he wanted to tell her and just pretend that Sophia is Rachel. Rene told all his heartaches towards not accepting his responsibilities to Rachel where he cried infront of everybody. Little Anna can not take the drama inside that house and so she decided to go outside for her not to witness all the drama that Rene is showing. Sophia followed little Anna outside and asked why she walked out during the moment that Rene asked forgiveness to his daughter - Rachel. Madam Anna Manalastas (Conney Reyes) told Sophia that she don't want to witness the drama of Rene since she still can't forgive what Rene have done to her in the past. Madam Anna told Sophia that her mission toward Rene is already over since they already helped him in finding to where their daughter is. Sophia told Madam Anna that maybe she has another mission towards Rene and that is to forgive him and herself already. With this, will madam Anna finally agree to what Sophia is asking her to do - forgiving Rene to what he did to her in the past? How will Rene ask forgiveness to Madam Anna and how will their talk be?
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