May 10, 2011
When Anna Manalastas (Xyriel Manabat) is still young, she has no other things to do but to follow her father - Mr. Manalastas' (Mark Gil) rules. Mr. Manalastas disciplined his daughter - Anna in a very strict and different way. Anna's mother died earlier and Anna is so sad because as she have remembered, her mother is so gentle and have loved her so much. Anna is doing her best to impress her father but sometimes it is still not enough. When Anna became a teenager - (Shaina Magdayao), she is having the best grades a college student can have. During Anna's college years, she met Rene (Felix Roco) - the boy who Anna is going to love and made her life interesting. Being curious of things, Rene and Anna expressed their love with each other and Anna trusted Rene so much. When Anna graduated college, her father - Mr. Manalastas tells Anna that he is so proud of her. While they are celebrating for Anna's success, Mr. Manalastas and Anna then discovered that Anna is pregnant. With Anna's pregnancy, she then confronted Rene about this but Rene then tells Anna that he is not serious about their relationship. Anna invited Rene to come with her to see her father and talk things out but Rene tells Anna that he is just making fun out of her. Anna went home desperate and knew that her father is admitted in the hospital having a heart attack. Anna then hurriedly went to see her father and agreed that she is the only one that can love herself. Anna's father died and then Anna gave birth to her only child without having anyone to be with her. Anna's child did not want to have the child and so she have decided to let anyone have it. Anna then went to America to start a new life there so that she can forget about the painful past she is having. With this, how will Anna (Coney Reyes) start a new life going back to the Philippines and being the owner of their company?

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