May 24, 2011
Sophia (Jodi Sta. Maria) is getting ready to apply at the Manalastas toy company. To make Sophia look much descent and more approachable, Anna Manalastas (Conney Reyes/Xyriel Manabat) is going to shop somedresses for Sophia. Anna then asked Sophia to call Bruce (Smokey Manaloto) to help them out in shopping some dresses for her. Sophia together with Anna and Bruce, they went to a branded store to shop for Sophia's outfit. The sales lady insulted them since they look like they are there to solicit for them. Anna then tells the sales lady that they are not there to solicit but rather they are going to buy some descent dress for Sophia. Anna and Sophia then went to a beauty saloon for Sophia to look more attractive and representable. Sophia looked very impressive and very representableand is ready to face the challenge in applying for the company that is competing with the Manalastas toycompany. Sophia then hurriedly went to the company where it is owned by one of the person whom Anna have hurt before. The two brothers that fought with each other because of Anna before she died. Sophia then answered all the questions from the one that interviewed her from that company with confidence. The interviewer appreciated Sophia's answers very much because she can see that Sophia is very intellectual towards all the things in their company and with her fields of work. Sophia answered these questions with the help of Anna who dictated everything to her usin the gadget they have brought. Sophia is then scheduled for a final interview with the owner of the toy company but the two brothers have fought with each other again. Sophia and Anna then knew that the company is unstable because of the two brothers that have fought with each other. With this, will there still be a chance that Sophia will get hired?
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