May 13, 2011
Brando (Jason Abalos) is still in the hospital making everyone who is there as his hostage. Brando wants his daughter who is currently in the ICU to be operated by her surgeon. Brando asked the police officers to give him the said surgeon and do the operation to save his daughter's life. Brando don't have any idea anymore so that he can save the life of his daughter - Ikay who is at risk. Brando then tells his hostages that he is just doing this just to save his daughter. Brando also tells everyone on why he is doing this where he blames Anna Manalastas (Conney Reyes/Xyriel Manabat). Sophia (Jodi Sta. Maria) and Anna then got a chance talking to each other where Sophia is so confused why Anna fired Brando. Anna then tells Sophia that she fired Brando because he was not in focus while he drove Anna to her office. Sophia can not understand why Anna hurriedly fired Brando where she can still listen to Brando's explanations. Sophia then tells Anna that she must pay another one million pesos for Sophia to help her with her mission because she is the worst person Sophia have ever met. The surgical operation of Brando's daughter started and the surgeon failed where Brando's daughter died. The police officers knew that Brando's daughter - Ikay died and they are getting ready for what Brando can do to his hostages. Brando saw what has happened outside with the police officers in the news and he got so mad that they are not following his orders. Brando then threatened everybody inside the hospital that he is going to kill them since the surgeon have killed his daughter also. Andres (Joel Torre) and Sophia tried talking to Brando to negotiate with him and let him surrender. Brando is so mad that he is eager to revenge and kill everybody who have bullied and have not helped him. Anna then stood up and tried talking to Brando to make him realize that it is not the right thing to do killing someone innocent. With this, will Brando listen to a young girl whom he do not know is Anna Manalastas?
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