May 12, 2011
Kevin (Louise Abuel) is now safe and is out in the hospital. Andres (Joel Torre) together with Kevin, Sophia (Jodi Sta. Maria) and Anna Manalastas (Xyriel Manabat/Conney Reyes) went to the church to ask thanks having Kevin already safe now. Andres then prayed and thanked God that he have saved Kevin's life. Anna also thanked God for Kevin's safety but blamed him that she is now back at the earth and suffered. Kevin have heard Anna's prayer and then criticized Anna telling her not to blame God. Back at their house, Anna tells Sophia about her, being the owner of a big company and that she can help her with all her problems. Sophia did not mind what Anna is saying and just disregarded her. With Kevin who is still not well with his sickness, Sophia must do everything that she can for her to find anincome to treat Kevin's sickness. Sophia asks the help of her friends for them to have an income for Kevin's treatment. On the other hand, Bobby (Dominic Ochoa) is now the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in Anna's company. Bobby is the replacement in Anna's position because he is the one that Anna is trusting with the business ever since. Going back with Anna, making Sophia believe that she is rich and owns a great company, she wants Sophia to believe her. While they are watching a television, Anna then tells Sophia that she knew the man who is in the news - Rodel (Jason Abalos). Sophia then wondered on why Anna knew about Rodel and then thought that maybe Anna is telling the truth. To prove that Anna is telling the truth, Sophia brought Anna in the said company to test her. Sophia then asks Anna on who are the persons that she is going to point out and Anna is correct. Sophia is still confused on how Anna know those persons that she have pointed out and Anna then tells her that she is not lying. With this, will Sophia now believe that Anna is telling the truth that she is the owner of that said company? How will they both get a long with each other if Sophia is going to believe Anna already?
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