May 25, 2011
Bart (Rafael Rossel) continued courting Jessica Cruz and went to her house for a visit. Bart is thankful to Jessica for telling his brother - Bobby (Dominic Ochoa) that he is ready to be a part of the working team in the toy company. While they are in a business conversation, Bart's sister - Yanni called him for help. Bart then hurriedly tells Jessica that he is going to get her sister - Yanni to where she is right now and found out that she is really here in the Philippines. On the other hand, Kevin (Louise Abuel) is talking to Anna Manalastas (Conney Reyes/Xyriel Manabat) about how grateful he is having his sister around. Kevin is thankful that his sister - Sophia (Jodi Sta. Maria) is always there protecting him. Anna then tells Kevin that she can not understand the feeling of being grateful having a brother or a sister since she don't have one. Suddenly, some of Kevin's friends came and invited him to play with them. Kevin then hurriedly went inside their house to ask his sister's permission for him to play with the other kids. Anna then pays the kids who is playing with Kevin but they refused Anna's money because they treated Kevin as their friend already. To continue Anna's mission in making the Villanueva brothers to reconcile, Sophia asked Anna that it will be better if she is going to apologize to the Villanueva brothers. Anna then thought that it will be impossible because everybody knew that she is already dead and that nobody is going to believe that she is Anna Manalastas. Sophia then tells Anna that she can apologize to the Villanueva brothers by the means of a sending a letter to them. Anna then dictated all the things that she wanted to apologize to the Villanueva brothers where Sophia is the one writing it. With this, will the Villanueva receive the letter of apology coming from Anna?
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