May 23, 2011
Sophia (Jodi Sta. Maria) is happy seeing her little brother - Kevin (Louise Abuel) who is having fun playing around with some of his new playmates. Seeing Kevin happy is not enough because Kevin is much attached to Anna Manalastas (Conney Reyes/Xyriel Manabat). Kevin is treating Anna as his bestfriend already and Sophia is worried about this. Sophia did not want the time to come that he will be hurt and that Kevin is being tricked by other people. When Sophia knew that Anna paid the kids that Kevin have played, she went to see Anna to confront her about this.  Anna then explained to Sophia that she paid those kids so that Kevin can have many friends and that later on if she will be gone, Kevin will not be sad.On the other hand, Bobby (Dominic Ochoa) is much eager for his brother - Bart (Rafael Rossel) to do his job. Reminiscing that Bobby wants Bart to court Jessica Cruz for Bobby to easily get the Manalastas toy company. Bobby wanted Bart to concentrate in courting Jessica and did not let him deal with the other clients. Going back with Anna and Sophia, Anna wanted Sophia to work in her company so that it will not be owned by someone else whom she do not know. Anna started teaching Sophia some things about her company and Sophia is also eager to learn to help her out. To make theirplan much easier, Anna asked Sophia's cousin to buy a gadget that can help them. Anna brought a gadget wherein she can dictate all the things that she wanted Sophia to act and say infront of the people. Sophia is amazed by Anna's intellectual plan because this can really help her out in working at the Manalastas toy company. With this plan, how will things work out? Will Sophia get her chance to be hired as the marketing manager in the Manalastas toy company? And how will Anna guide her to be the best that she can andsucceed?
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