May 18, 2011
So finally Sophia (Jodi Sta. Maria) decided to help out Anna Manalastas (Conney Reyes/Xyriel Manabat) with her mission. The mission to correct all her wrong doings towards other people before she died. After asking Anna to write a list of persons whom Anna have hurt before she died, Anna did not wrote anything. Sophia tells Anna to write something so that they will know who is the person that they are going to find next. Without anything to write in the paper, Sophia just asked Anna to remember the things that happened the last time before she died. Anna then tried to remember all the things that happened from the morning she woke up and rode at her car where Brando (Jason Abalos) was her driver. Anna remembered that was the time she fired Brando because she saw him texting while driving and feared that maybe they are going to crash. Since they are done with Brando, Anna proceeded to the old woman whom she did not helped outside the church who sold flowers to her - (Ms. Gloria Romero). Anna then tells Sophia to find that old woman so that they can figure out on how to help her. On the other hand, Bobby (Dominic Ochoa) knew that he will not be the one to get all the wealth of Anna if one of her relatives will appeal and claim all her wealth. Bobby then thought that there might be noone from Anna's relatives that will appeal and claim her wealth because he knew Anna has no one close to her. Miranda (Valerie Concepcion) thought that if someone is going to claim Anna's wealth then they are not going to be rich anymore. Her plans to get rich together with her boyfriend - Bobby is not going to be fulfilled if one of Anna's relatives is going to appeal. With this, will there be someone that is going to appeal as one of Anna's relatives? And with Anna who is now working with her mission, how will she start?
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