May 26, 2011
The Villanueva brothers visited their father in the hospital and Anna Manalastas (Conney Reyes/Xyriel Manabat) together with Sophia (Jodi Sta. Maria) is there. Jojo (Xian Lim) wanted to check on his father's condition but his brother - Roel (Sam Milby) is not happy to see him. Roel then insulted his brother - Jojo because he can not forget that his brother betrayed him and their father. Reminiscing that Jojo tried talking to Anna and negotiate to make some big money in investing with Anna. Roel got so mad at Jojo with what he did because that made their company go down and made their father depressed. Jojo tried to explain to Roel but his brother will not listen to him. Roel then walked out of the room and Sophia hurriedly followed him. Sophia then asked Roel to why he is so mad and tells him that it would be better if they are going to talk about it. Anna and Jojo were left inside the room with Mr. Villanueva and Mr. Villanueva is thankful that Anna is with him. Anna then tells Mr. Villanueva that she is going to do something just to make the two brothers reconcile. When Anna and Sophia already went home, Anna gave the toy given by Mr. Villanueva to Kevin (Louise Abuel). Sophia and Anna then talked about what had happened in the hospital and Sophia thought that maybe her mission is not with the Villanueva brothers. Sophia thought that maybe Anna's mission is to make Mr. Villanueva's wish be granted. Mr. Villanueva only wants his two son to reconcile and he wants to have the Singaporean account in their company. With this, how will Sophia and Anna make a plan to make Roel and Jojo reconcile? Will there still be a chance that Roel is going to forgive and forget what Jojo have done towards their company? And how will Anna fulfill what Mr. Villanueva have always longed for - having the Singaporean account?
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