May 17, 2011
Anna Manalastas (Conney Reyes/Xyriel Manabat) went away from the family she lived with. Kevin (Louise Abuel) then asked his sister - Sophia (Jodi Sta. Maria) to where Anna is. Sophia then tells Kevin that Anna finally decided to went away from them because she can live on her own. Anna did not tell Kevin about her argument with Anna and that she have told Anna to stay away from them. Kevin is so worried that Anna went away from them and so he asked his father - Andres (Joel Torre) to look for her. Kevin treated Anna as his only bestfriend and that is why he is eager to let Anna go back to them. Kevin also tells his father - Andres that he is not going to be okay if Anna will not be back living with them. With this, Andres have looked anywhere just t see Anna and convince her to g back living with them. Andres went everywhere just to ee Anna but then he failed seeing her. Andres went back homeand his daughter - Sophia is still awake waiting for him. Sophia tells her father - Andres not to bother looking for Anna anymore because it will just be a waste of time. Andres then tells Sophia that he must not fail in looking for Anna as and bring her back home with them as his promise to Kevin. Sophia then tells Andres that he must not worry about it too much because he have been a very good father to them. The day after that, Sophia have heard the voice of Anna in which she did not expect. Anna went back to them because she still needs the help of Sophia for her to complete her mission. Sophia then drag Anna out and asked on why she came back where she have told her t stay away from them. Anna then gave Sophia acheque with an amount that can help treating Kevin and help their family with their daily finances. Thecheque was exchanged with a big amount of money and with this, will Sophia now help Anna?
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