May 27, 2011
Mr. Villanueva already died happy seeing his two sons reconcile. Mr. Villanueva did not know that his two sons - Roel (Sam Milby) and JoJo (Xian Lim) are not really reconciling. Sophia (Jodi Sta. Maria) asks Anna Manalastas (Conney Reyes/Xyriel Manabat) on what will be her plan to make Roel and Jojo reconcile. Anna thought that her mission with the two brothersis already done making their father die happy. Sophia then tells Anna that making Mr. Villanueva happy is not her real mission and that she must continue in making the two brothers - Roel and Jojo reconcile. Anna did not want to do it anymore since as what she knew she is done with the Villanueva brothers and she must proceed to her next mission. Sophia did not agree to what Anna is planning and she decided to help out the two brothers in reconciling. To start making the Villanueva brothers reconcile, Sophia is going to Mr. Villanueva's funeral for her to talk to both Roel and Jojo. Anna then followed Sophia telling her to contact Bruce (Smokey Manaloto) and his brother because she had a plan. Sophia together with Anna, Bruce and his brother went to Mr. Villanueva's funeral and planned to kidnap both Roel and Jojo. Anna asked Bruce to get some fake guns and kidnap both Roel and Jojo to put them in one room so that they can talk. Roel and Jojo are both tied up in a chair facing each other and talks about their heartaches. Roel blames Jojo for all the things that had happened to them and that there is no way that they can still reconcile. Jojo then asks his brother - Roel if they can talk as a brother and not as an enemy for them to figure out the real problem between them. With this, will Roel give Jojo a chance and talk to him as a brother? How will the Villanueva brothers accept each others apologies, forget about the past and finally reconcile?
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