May 20, 2011
Anna Manalastas (Conney Reyes/Xyriel Manabat) is shocked seeing Jessica Cruz in the news paper who tells everybody that she is the relative of Anna. Sophia (Jodi Sta. Maria) then asks Anna on who is that Jessica Cruz and if she knew her before. Anna then tells Sophia that she thought that she don't know Jessica Cruz but she had a daughter whom she have given to her yaya when she was still young. Sophia then wondered if Anna is telling the truth since she is known to be a lier in all things. Sophia did not mind about the said relative of Anna who is Jessica Cruz and rather focus on their mission. Since both Anna and Sophia must continue in completing Anna's mission, they decided to go to Anna's company. Anna and Sophia must go to the Manalastas toy company to see some people whom Anna have hurt before she died. While they are on their way to the Manalastas toy company, Anna then tells Sophia that she have regreted something in her life. Anna regreted the time that she gave up on her daughter and give it to her yaya to finally stay away from her. Hence that Anna did not know where to find her daughter already, Sophia then thought that maybe Anna's daughter is included in her mission to go to heaven within 100 days. Sophia thought that giving her daughter to someone is the worst thing to do and that she is the most evil mother in the whole world. Anna then explained to Sophia on why she gave her daughter to her yaya and that why she is afraid of being a mother to her. Anna did not want her daughter to experience being a daughter to a woma who has no experience at all. Anna also thought that being a mother to her daughter is the most challenging one that she is going to face. Anna did not want her daughter to experience not being loved. With this, will Anna still decide to find her daughter and make ammends?
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