Anna Manalastas (Conney Reyes/Xyriel Manabat) and Sophia (Jodi Sta. Maria) meets Mang Carding in the canteen who have told them that Anna is doing good to him. Sophia can not believe that one person - Mang Carding is thankful for the time that he was being insulted by Madame Anna Manalastas. Mang Carding then tells about his story when the time he was insulted by Anna but he is very thankful with it. When Anna is still alive, one of her employer tasked Mang Carding to send the letters to some business partners even thou he is only a janitor. Mang Carding failed to send those letters correctly and so Anna called him to her office to ask what had happened. Mang Carding then explained to Anna why he did not send the letters to the right person and Anna knew that Mang Carding doesn't know how to read and write. With this, Anna then tells Mang Carding that he must learn how to read and write because this is the most important thing a person should learn in this world. A person who is educated even thou that person is poor is the best gift that one could have. Mang Carding tells Anna that he did not have any chance learning how to read and write because he is poor. Being poor is not a reason for a person not to learn how to read and write and so Anna is giving hope to Mang Carding for him to strive hard in learning. This conversation made a big impact to Mang Carding where he strove very hard learning how to read and write all by himself. When Mang Carding already knew how to read and write, he then wrote a letter for Anna to thank her for everything. That day when Mang Carding is seeing Anna for him to read the letter is the day that Anna died. With Mang Cardings failure reading the letter, he was not promoted as a messenger and Anna together with Sophia asked him to read the letter. What is Mang Cardings message to Anna before she died? Will this be a good start for Anna making her mission be successful? How will Mang Carding receive a good benefit?
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