Bart Ramirez (Rafael Rossel) is now doing the best that he can do to win Sophia's (Jodi Sta. Maria) trust. When Sophia together with little Anna Manalastas (Xyriel Manabat) went to the toy company, Bart is there and wants to talk to Sophia about some of the toy company's new project. Bart went to Sophia's office and started to tackle about some things regarding the new project for the toy company. Bart is asking Sophia a lot of questions and so little Anna tells Sophia to be careful with Bart and not to fall for him. AS what Sophia read to Bart's actions, Bart is flirting with Sophia to get her trust and finally defeat her. Little Anna then tells Sophia that she must find a way to leave Bart in her office and so they can continue in finding Gina (Empress Schuck). Sophia and little Anna saw each other in the toy company again where Sophia left Bart alone in her office. On the other hand, Miranda (Valerie Concepcion) had some news to where her boyfriend - Bobby Ramirez's (Dominic Ochoa) sister - Yanni is living. Miranda then hurriedly went to see Bobby and tell him about what she recently knew towards his sister. Bobby is so happy with Miranda's news and thanked her for searching to where his sister is recently living. As for Bart, after seeing Sophia he then went to see his siser to tell her about what he and Sophia have talked about. When Bart is on his way home, Bobby arrived to where Yanni is currently living and Yanni is very shocked with her borther - Bobby's visit. Bobby did not get mad at his sister - Yanni rather he welcomed Yanni back in the Philippines. With this, will Bobby stop bothering Yanni and just let her do whatever she wants to do? Going back with little Anna who is eager to find Gina, they went back home and Mang Andres is still awake who is waiting for them to arrive. Mang Andres then tells both Sophia and little Anna that Kevin (Louise Abuel) is waiting for them to arrive and fall asleep. Kevin knew that Sophia and little Anna are not going to work tomorrow that is why he is excited for them to play tomorrow. With this, will Sophia and little Anna rather ply with Kevin or continue finding Gina for Anna's mission to be completed?

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