Bart Ramirez (Rafael Russel) is against the idea that he is now the boyfriend of Jessica Cruz. As for little Anna Manalastas (Xyriel Manabat), she got so mad because her company - the toy company is going to be owned by Bobby Ramirez (Dominic Ochoa). Sophia (Jodi Sta. Maria) is bothered to Madame Anna (Conney Reyes) and so Sophia told her not to think about Bobby who is going to own her company anymore. Knowing that Anna is going to heaven if she completes her mission after one hundred days, Anna can not bring her company and wealth there. While Anna is having an emotional moment reminiscing what she have done for her own company, Bobby called Sophia. Bobby tells Sophia to see him in his office because he has something important to discuss with Sophia. Sophia then hurriedly went to Bobby's office where Bart and Miranda (Valerie Concepcion) are also there. Bobby asked Sophia about a company and little Anna then helped Sophia in answering all Bart's questions. Later that day, Bart talks to Sophia about her resume where Bart believed that Sophia is putting the wrong address there. Since Sophia didn't know what to answer Bart's question, little Anna told Sophia to tell Bart that she did put a wrong address on purpose. Sophia put a wrong address in her resume to protect herself from persons/strangers like Bart. Going back with little Anna who is now proceeding to complete her mission, Sophia tells little Anna that it is now time to help the elevator girl. Little Anna and Sophia then hurriedly went seeing the elevator girl to know about what can they help towards her. In the elevator, Sophia is telling the elevator girl to move on and find another job instead of staying in the elevator. Later on, Sophia and little Anna continued helping the people whom little Anna have hurt before she died.
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