Sophia Mendoza (Jodi Sta. Maria) is still trying to convince little Anna Manalastas (Xyriel Manabat) to talk to her ex - boyfriend - Rene Mosqueda (Tirso Cruz III). Sophia asked little Anna that it will be better if she is going to talk to Rene about their past relationship and their daughter - Trisha. Little Anna did not want to talk to Rene but agreed to talk to to Rene's wife - Carmen. When little Anna got a chance talking to Carmen, she knew about what seemed to be the problem with her relationship to Rene. Carmen told little Anna that she can not bear a child where this made her relationship with Rene complicated. Rene just understood then that Carmen can not bear a child and remembered that he had a child when he was still a teenager but he neglected his responsibilities to the child. Later on, little Anna went to see Sophia so that they can talk about her current mission. Sophia told little Anna that if she can not help or do not want to help Rene, maybe they can do something else. Little Anna then understood what Sophia is planning to do where Sophia wants to find Madam Anna Manalastas' (Conney Reyes) daughter. Little Anna told Sophia that it is still no use if they are going to find her daughter - Trisha because Trisha might get mad at them for leaving her to a woman who is not related to their family. After their conversation, little Anna and Sophia went to Rene's room in the hospital to check on him and to finally talk about Trisha. When Rene saw little Anna, he then remembered that it was little Anna who slapped his face in a restaurant. Sophia asks apology to Rene since little Anna is just a kid and little Anna asked sorry to Rene also. To help Rene and Carmen in finding little Anna's daughter - Trisha, where will they start finding her and who is going to help them in finding Trisha?
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