Sophia (Jodi Sta. Maria) together with little Anna Manalastas (Xyriel Manabat) and Gina (Empress Schuck) went to see Paul (Matt Mendoza). Gina says her sorry to Noel and wants to work things out for them both to be okay but Noel disagreed. Little Anna is forcing both Gina and Paul to forgive each others fault so that they can be finally okay. Sophia stopped little Anna for being so noisy and just let both Gina and Paul to talk. Gina is asking Paul if he is still in love with her and that if Paul can ever forgive what she have done. Paul tells Gina that they both know that they are not in love with each other anymore because of the pain they had experienced when they were still together. Paul is having regrets to why she chose Gina against his plan for own future - being an engineer. Paul and Gina were married at the early age because Gina got pregnant and Paul had no choice but to face his responsibilities to his new family. Gina is asking Paul's forgiveness and that she did not want this to happen because she just loved Paul so much. Paul is so hurt that they lost their baby twice already and Paul thought that there is no reason anymore for them to be with each other again. With Paul's decision, Gina walked out of his house and Sophia together with little Anna followed her around. Sophia then asked Gina to what will she do now that Paul did not want her back in his life anymore. On the other hand, Jessica Cruz went to see Bart Ramirez (Rafael Russel) and did not know he just came out of prison. Jessica asked Bart to why he lied to her being at home where the truth is he went to see wher Sophia lived. Bart is trying to explain to Jessica to what had happened to him and why he went to Sophia's house. Jessica did not listen to Bart's explanations and concluded that Bart is falling in love with Sophia. When Bart was already home, his brother - Bobby Ramirez (Dominic Ochoa) knew about Jessice who got mad because of what she knew. Bobby then scolded his brother - Bart for his insecurities towards Sophia that lead Jessica to get jealous and mad with him. With this, how will Bart talk to Jessica and let her believe that he is not in love with Sophia? Going back with Gina where Paul did not want her back, how will she accept the fact and the pain? Will Sophia and little Anna help Gina doing something to change Paul's decision?
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