In tonight's episode in the biggest loser pinoy edition, the blue team who lost for the first time are going to vote out one team member. The lowest weight loss in the blue team is Allan and so he told everyone in the blue team that he is ready to be voted out. The team members did not want to vote Allan out of the game because he is a great leaded to the team. Most of the team members thought that it is Angela, JM and Eden that they want to be voted out. Every team have finally spoken and the blue team member they voted out is JM. JM went out of the biggest loser camp is finally with his own family. JM's wife is very proud of him and happy that his abdomen is lessened. JM is thankful to the show because even thou he got out of the game, he can still work out with the help of the gym - fitness first (the official gym of the biggest loser pinoy edition). The blue team goes down from seven to six members and Ms. Sharon Cuneta told them not to lose hope and keep fighting for them to achieve what they want. On the other hand, the winning red team are very happy for their first success and Art told everyone in the team that from now on they are going to work as a team. Winwin is very happy because even thou she did something which she regreted that made the red team feel disappointed with her, they still won in the second weigh in challenge. Hence that JM is the second biggest loser contestant that was voted out, after how many days being out of the biggest loser camp, Destiny is busy working out just to lose weight.

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