Mang Andres (Joel Torre) is talking to Madame Anna Manalastas (Conney Reyes) about his daughter - Sophia (Jodi Sta. Maria). Mang Andres wants to stop Sophia working with Anna because he knew that all of this will not come true. Anna explained to Mang Andres that Sophia is eager to work in the toy company because this is just the start to fulfill her dreams. Anna also tells Mang Andres that  Sophia is the one who decided to continue working in the toy company and to continue helping Anna with her mission. While Mang Andres and Anna were still talking, Sophia went out asking the permission of Mang Andres that she and Anna are going to the toy company already. When Anna and Sophia went to the toy company, Sophia then asked Anna to what have she told her father - Mang Andres where he acted differently. Anna tells Sophia not to bother thinking about what they have talked with Mang Andres because she is already in the working area. An effective employer must not bring any of his/her problem at the working place for him/her not to be distracted at work. Anna then tells Sophia to focus during working hours and specially helping Anna in fulfilling her mission. It is now time for Sophia to tell Bobby Ramirez (Dominic Ochoa) about the said promotion for Mang Carding. While Bobby and the other board members are having their meeting, Sophia went inside and tells Bobby about the promotion for Mang Carding. Bart Ramirez (Rafael Rossel) is shocked with what Sophia is asking his brother - Bobby and then told Sophia not to discuss about the promotion during that time because they are having a board meeting with the other board members. With this, will Bobby finally listen to what Sophia is asking - the promotion for Mang Andres from being a Janitor to a Messenger as what Madame Anna have promised to him in the past?
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