Sophia (Jodi Sta. Maria) and little Anna Manalastas (Xyriel Manabat) have finally seen Gina (Empress Schuck). Sophia and little Anna are both shocked seeing Gina who is very dirty running in the park. They hurriedly brought Gina in their house to clean her up and so that they can start fulfilling little Anna's mission. After they cleaned Gina, Kevin (Louise Abuel) is shocked that Gina is very beautiful. Sophia's cousin - Bruce (Smokey Manaloto) together with his brother suddenly arrived and is surprised seeing Gina who is already there. Bruce and his brother introduced themselves to Gina because they are so amazed with her being so beautiful. Gina is a greasy vagrant on the street and is teased by a lot of kids. With this, Sophia and little Anna can not talk to Gina straight because they know that Gina is not going to answer their questions correctly. On the other hand, Bart Ramirez (Rafael Rossel) is still in the move spying on the true identity of Sophia. When Sophia and little Anna are spending some time with Gina together with Kevin, Bart called Sophia and asked to where she is. Sophia wondered why of a sudden Bart called her and asked about to where she is. Little Anna then tells Sophia to make an alibi telling Bart that she went out with little Anna to relax themselves. Bart is very much curious with Sophia's true identity and is asking a lot of questions to Sophia to where she lived in America. Later that day, Sohpia and little Anna is letting Gina walk in the park for her to remember some things that had happened before she became a greasy vagrant. Little Anna is asking some questions to Gina but Sophia is against little Anna's idea. Sophia then tells little Anna not to force Gina from answering questions and they should wait for her to be finally okay. Little Anna then tells Sophia that they must do something for Gina's memories to come back fast because little Anna don't have enough time. With this, what will Sophia and little Anna do to make Gina remember all things fast? Will Sophia and little Anna be successful with their plan? And with Bart who is very curious towards Sophia, how will he make a plan in spying against Sophia?
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