Sophia (Jodi Sta. Maria) already got her first salary from the toy company given by Bobby Ramirez (Dominic Ochoa). Little Anna Manalastas (Xyriel Manabat) asks Sophia on what she felt receiving her first salary where she have worked for it very hard. Sophia is very happy receiving her first salary in which it is a very big amount of money and she have worked for it. Sophia then tells little Anna that she wants to share her blessings to her father - Mang Andres (Joel Torre) and her brother - Kevin (Louise Abuel). Sophia and little Anna arrived at their house bringing spaghetti and fried chicken. Sophia tells her brother - Kevin that she and little Anna brought the foods for them to have a late celebration of Kevin's birthday. Mang Andres is curious to where Sophia got a money buying the foods they have brought and so he asked his daughter - Sophia about this. Mang Andres thought that both Anna and Sophia are doing another thing that is bad in which they are using the company for them to have that big amount of money. Little Anna tells Mang Andres that Sophia have worked hard just to earn the salary that she have just received and besides it is the company's decision giving Sophia that salary. Sophia and little Anna continued in studying all the things related to Sophia's work and Sophia is working hard just to understand all the things she needs to know. On the other hand, Bart Ramirez (Rafael Rossel) is very much worried towards the presence of Sophia at the toy company. Sophia is a big challenge for Bart because he knew Sophia's capabilities dealing business in the toy company. Bart is not going to let Sophia defeat him with regards to being the best specially when it deals with the marketing issues. Bart is very much disturbed to Sophia who is in the toy company that he can't even sleep thinking about Sophia's pressence in the toy company. Bart can not forget how Sophia embarrassed and insulted him at the toy company and he thought on how to revenge against Sophia. With this, what is Bart planning to do to embarrass Sophia in front of everybody in the toy company? Will Bart be successful with his plan in embarrassing Sophia in front of everybody? And how will Sophia protect herself against the revengeful Bart?
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