Sophia is worried about her father – Mang Andres because she knows that her father is disappointed towards himself. Mang Andres thought that he is no use with her family’s welfare because he cannot do anything. Mang Andres can not apply for work because none is going to hire him. So Mang Andres is doing his best to contribute financially to his family so that he cannot hear negative things against him.Mang Andres is selling rags to some drivers in a street and Sophia did not know about this. Little Anna Manalastas (Xyriel Manabat) tells Sophia that she must not interfere to what her father – Mang Andres wants to do to his life because it might hurt him. Sophia then tells little Anna that she is just worried that her father will be in danger if he is going to force himself in doing some things just to produce money. They day that Mang Andres have sold some rags to the drivers in the streets, Bruce together with his brother saw him at the center of the street risking his life. Bruce stopped Mang Andres from selling rags and Kewein is also there stopping his father from doing so. Mang Andres did not listedn to Bruce and his son Kevin then suddenly a motorcycle bumped into him. Bruce then hurriedly called Sophia telling him that Mang Andres was accidentally bumped by a motorcycle when he was selling rags in the street. Sophia then hurriedly went home together with little Anna and she is very worried with her father. Sophia is mad at her father because he risked his life just to sell those rags and earn money for their family. Mang Andress is also mad at Sophia because she is stopping him selling the rags where this is the only way that he can help their family in earning money for themselves.

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