Even thou little Anna Manalastas (Xyriel Manabat) did not believe that Emerald's (Maricar Reyes) is a part of her mission, she must do something to help her. Little Anna is believing that she did not do something wrong towards Emerald's father but Sophia Mendoza (Jodi Sta. Maria) disagreed. To help Emerald's father, they must talk to Emerald first and make her tell everyone that she is the fake ghost. While they are on their way to the toy company office, some of the police officers saw them and hurriedly tried capturing them. Bobby Ramirez (Dominic Ochoa) was called by one of the police officers and told him that they finally got the said fake ghost - Emerald. Bobby together with Bart Ramirez (Rafael Russel) and Jessica Cruz already knew that the ghost is just and act by Emerald. The police officer who called Bobby also told him that one of his employer - Sophia is with Emerald. Bobby wondered why Sophia was there with Emerald and so he asked the police officer to give the phone to Sophia for him to talk to her. Bobby then asked Sophia why she is with Emerald and told her to come back to the office as soon as possible. Sophia then explained to Bobby that they are on their way to the toy company office for Emerald to finally surrender after pretending to be a ghost and frightened many employers leading the company to be nearly bankrupt. Sophia and little Anna then tells Emerald that they are going to help her in solving the crime she committed. When Sophia arrived at the toy company office, she hurriedly went to see Bobby in his office to explain something. Sophia told Bobby not to continue filing a case against Emerald because she just did it because of her father. Bobby is not convinced with what Sophia is telling him and wants to pursue the case against the woman behind the fake ghost - Emerald.
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