Little Anna (Xyriel Manabat) asks the help of Bruce (Smokey Manaloto) together with his brother and Sophia (Jodi Sta. Maria) to stop Paul (Matt Mendoza) from going abroad. Little Anna wants Paul to listen what Gina (Empress Schuck) is going to tell him for their relationship to work out the second time around. They saw Paul who rode the taxi cab already and is on his way to the airport. Little Anna then asked Bruce to hurry up so that they can have a chance in stopping Paul from going abroad. The taxi cab driver noticed that someone is chasing the taxi they rode and so he asked Paul if he knew the persons who are trying to stop them. Paul then finally decided to stop the taxi cab and went down seeing Gina who is the one trying to stop them. Gina then asks Paul if he is still loving her so that they can have a chance in starting a new life again being together. Paul tells Gina that there is no way for them to be back together as a family again and that Gina is just waisting her time asking Paul for another chance. Paul also tells Gina that they must not force themselves to be back together again because Paul knows that everything is not going to change between them. After a very emotional talk, Paul and Gina then finally decided not to force themselves being back together and just wait for the time that they are going to see each other and maybe work things out. So Paul then went back inside the taxi cab and little Anna wondered if both Gina and Paul are already okay with each other. Gina then tells little Anna and Sophia that she and Paul have decided not to be back together and they both learned from their mistakes. With this, is little Anna's mission towards Gina being accomplished already? How will little Anna and Sophia look for the next person whom Anna have hurt before she died?
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