Sophia (Jodi Sta. Maria) is telling little Anna Manalastas (Xyriel Manabat) not to worry about all her wealth. Little Anna is very much angry that she can not anything at all in bringing back her company and mnage it. Little Anna can not do something about the employers who talks about bad things towards her. Back at their house, little Anna is playing with Kevin (Louise Abuel) where suddenly Saint Peter appeared to her. Saint Peter appeared as a spider and talks to little Anna about her success in her mission to help the people whom she have hurt before she died. Little Anna then thought that maybe it is time for her to go to heaven already since she have been half successful with her mission. Then again it is not the time for little Anna to go to heaven yet and Saint Peter is just giving her a warning. A warning about a ghost who is here and has something to do with little Anna. Little Anna asked Saint Peter about this but he suddenly disappeared when Sophia called her for them to eat. During dinner, Kevin knew about what happened in the office and asked his father - Mang Andres (Joel Torre) about how true ghosts are. Mang Andres then tells Kevin that most Ghosts went back here on earth to fulfill some of their mission just like little Anna. Since little Anna went back here on earth to fulfill her mission also, Sophia then concluded that little Anna is also a ghost - monster. On the other hand, Jessica Cruz went to Bart Ramirez's (Rafael Russel) office to check on him. Suddenly Jessica saw a woman in a black dress who is going near here and so she shouted for help because she was scared. Bart then called the security in the building to check on that said woman wearing black and is scaring Jessica but they failed to see the woman. With this, are ghosts really true and is in the toy company?
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