Little Anna Manalastas (Xyriel Manabat) is still not convinced that she must help Emerald Capistrano (Maricar Reyes). Sophia Mendoza (Jodi Sta. Maria) is trying to convince little Anna to help not just Julio Capistrano (Ricardo Cepeda) who is Emerald's father but so as with Emerald. Little Anna must help Emerald to go out of prison because her father - Julio is counting on her. With this, little Anna is finally convinced by Sophia where they hurriedly went to the Toy Company building to talk to Bobby Ramirez (Dominic Ochoa) about this. Bobby together with the other board members are talking about the current issue of the toy company who is now nearly to be bankrupt. While they are still having a meeting, Sophia then interrupted Bobby where Bobby is stopping her because he knew that Sophia is going to convince them in dismissing the case against Emerald. Sophia then presented a plan to win the heart of the public again in which they must release Emerald from prison and give an amount of thirty million pesos to Julio. Sophia told about the story behind Emerald on why she pretended to be a ghost and everybody understood except for Bobby and Bart Ramirez (Rafael Russel). Behind the great talk of Sophia is the past owner of the Toy Company - Madam Anna (Conney Reyes). Madam Anna can not accept the fact that the Toy Company is not going to be hers anymore and so Sophia asked Jessica Cruz to appear to the public and tell everybody what the company is planning. Jessica agreed to what Sophia is planning to do and so finally Jessica appeared to the public and forgave Emerald. So now that Emerald is going to be freed out of prison and her father - Julio will be given thirty million pesos, is little Anna's mission to the Capistrano family already done? Will there still be another problem that little Anna must solve?
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